Friday, February 27, 2009

Sad Days

Well, as I am sure you are all aware We've been having a terrible time here in Victoria with the bushfires. The air has been thick and pungent with that characteristic smell every time we have northerly wind. The sun has been covered with a golden fog making everything look eerie. The tragedies of Marysville, Kinglake, Flowerdale, Strathewen, Narbethong etc. are ever present in peoples minds. There have also been some great stories of survival and heroism. Today, as I write, we are suffering another high risk day with temperatures in the high thirties and strong winds but still not like what they now call black Saturday when it hit 46.5 with wind gusts up around 100kph. Here in Brunswick West we are safe as it is very close to the city. We are counting our blessings a little though since we have spent the last year looking for land around Kinglake and Flowerdale and had not yet purchased. The people we have met on our search are ok with varying degrees of property damage. It has been a reality check for us and fire safe considerations have now hit the "what to look for" list in number one position and I've turned my mind to looking for fire resistant plantings such as saltbush etc. We haven't changed our thoughts on where we were looking as wherever you head you face the risk, besides it will be an important part of our lives to watch and play a part in a community rebuild.

The two photos on either side are pics of the last two blocks of land we visited, one in Kinglake and one in Flowerdale, a couple of weeks before the fires, following a visit to st. Andrews market & a jug in the Kinglake pub. The argument in the car on the way home was which one we loved more.

On a more positive note the garden has picked up following the intense heat and provided a magnificent harvest of Tomatoes and Zucchinis, I can't wait to see what Sarah does with all of these...
Love and best wishes to all in our fire affected communities.



  1. cant wiat to see some of those cooking posts.
    Glad fires havnt put you off.

  2. Thanks Dianne, I hope you like them!
    No, the fires haven't put us off, but they have certainly been a reality check about the changing of our climate and the way that we will need to change the way we live accordingly. Thanks for reading!