Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chicken feeder hat...

We found that our Chicken feeder was constantly being raided by pest birds such as Mynas, Pigeons, sparrows etc. and tried so many ways to discourage them, even resorting to catching them and giving them a ruddy good talking to, I maintain that this worked for brief periods of time. We also tried beaded curtains across the entrance to the chook house but it seemed as though the chickens took longer to learn they could get through it than the pest birds did. After watching some of the bolder birds I figured out that they either climbed the wire sides and fed over the edge of the feeder, or they flew onto it and ate whilst perched on the edge, whereas the chickens reached over the edge of the feeder with their necks. So voila! problem solved, a small roof for the feed has done the job! I used some packing materials from my work but an upturned cheap plastic salad bowl, or the like, with a hole cut in the bottom for the tower part of the feeder would work just as nicely. I had to lower it slowly so the chickens could get used to it but now they are fine and reward us each day for being such thoughtful owners.

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