Sunday, December 28, 2008

Plentiful Spring harvest...

So what's done well this Spring? Lots of things it's been a good season! Our best discovery has been the white or albino beetroot, sadly I don't have a pic, but they outgrew any other beetroot we've grown, didn't have the overpowering earthy flavour some beets have and cooked easily without staining anything. It has also been a good Spring for green globe artichokes, They're all gone now but all have nice fresh suckers coming up for next year's harvest. Truth be told we are as glad to see the end of artichoke season as we are to see the start, delicious beasties but the processing can be time consuming and a little messy. The Fordhook giant silverbeet has been a constant performer as has the Black Kale (Cavolo Nero), I think we will try a 'perpetual spinach' variety of the silverbeet next. The dwarf beans 'hawksbury wonder' have also been productive and tasty. Early Spring saw a great harvest of 'Aquadulce' broad beans and 'Mammoth Melting' snow peas.
Right now the garden is ticking along, all the potatoes are flowering, the tomatoes are fruiting, the 'Jalapeno' chillis are flowering and the Zucchinis are producing. I have put in half a dozen new silverbeet seedlings into raised bed 2 behind the black kale, they have settled in nicely.

Cheers Aldrum

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